Recover User Mailbox Exchange 2010 Database

Professional Help for Recover & Restore User Mailbox Adeptly

MS Exchange Server mailbox corruption can occur many times owing to some abominable reasons like dirty shutdown, virus attack, change in EDB mailbox settings, JET engine error, EDB file header corruption, hardware failure etc.

If you have encountered an error "database was not shutdown cleanly (dirty shutdown)" after power outage or dirty shutdown, then you can first go for in-built recovery program ESEUTIL or ISINTEG. However, these utility programs are not powerful and thus to Recover mailbox of a particular user from Exchange 2010, you need to employ an external helper to repair the database of notes and other components.

Where Deleted Emails Store in Exchange Server

When Exchange server administrator deletes some unwanted emails or accidently emails get deleted by them then where these emails go, have you ever think about it? Now let's know about Exchange server deleted emails and its recovery procedure. There are various reasons behind Exchange server emails removal issue, it could be happen because of some virus attack or manually somebody delete emails.

Process of Exchange Server Emails Deletion:-

Exchange Server Mailbox Emails > Delete Emails > Deleted Item Folder

Through above procedure we get to know about Exchange server emails deletion program, if you want to remove emails from your Exchange server then you can delete emails from mailbox, after completing this task all emails directly go to deleted item folders. If you want to remove emails permanently from Exchange server then after deleting emails you have to remove all these emails from deleted item folder also.

Basic Concept of Deleted Item Folder

  • Deleted Item Folder Prepare to Hold Temporary Deleted Emails
  • Deleted Item Folder Keep Deleted Emails Only for 60 days
  • User Can Recover Deleted Mailboxes Emails from Deleted Item Folder
  • Never Transfer any Significant Email to Deleted Item Folder Because its Storage time Period is Limited
  • From Deleted Item Folder Restoration is Possible
  • After Completing 60 Days Time Period Email Permanently Gets Deleted from Folder

What to do if Exchange Server Emails get Deleted and Corrupted

Exchange server deleted emails and messages corruption both are different issues but these both issues harm healthy environment of Exchange server or can create hurdle to run Exchange server smoothly. Recovery of deleted or corrupted mailbox is possible, if deleted emails still present in Exchange server's "deleted item folder" or emails must be stored in "backup".

If by mistake some emails deleted by you and now you want to recover them from deleted item folder, but what if after recovery from deleted item folder your emails gets corrupted then what will you do?

To solve this issue you can try third party tool like Exchange server recovery software. This is an excellent and widely entrusted solution to recover Exchange mailbox data by converting EDB files to PST file format. This tool to recover deleted or corrupted Public folder database is capable enough to deal with corruption scenarios and works well even in those scenarios where in-built utilities fail to perform.

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